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Increased efficiency: hot melt and cold glue devices and accessories

Hotmelt Reuther Systems

Hot glue melters

Hot glue tank melters ensure the necessary adhesive supply. Depending on the application, these are available as piston pumps, gear pumps, barrel melters and bag melters. Melters form a hot glue application system in conjunction with the hot glue hoses and valves.

Cold glue Reuther-Systems

Cold glue conveyor units

Cold glue feed units continuously transport liquid adhesive. Our extensive range of feed units puts your adhesives under the right pressure - precisely and reliably.

Hot melt valves Reuther-Systems

Hot glue application valves

Hot melt glue valves apply thermoplastic adhesives. For this purpose, we manufacture a variety of single and multiple application valves for dot, line, stripe and spray application. There is no such thing as "cannot be done". Demanding customer requests are our specialty.

Reuther cold glue valves

Cold glue application valves

The right valve for your application. Extremely fast-switching electromagnetic application valves for fine dot or line application or robust electro-pneumatic application valves and glue nozzles for high pressure ranges up to 200 bar glue pressure guarantee the greatest possible production reliability.

Reuther-Systems Controls


Reuther-Systems control units activate cold or hot glue application valves, for example. This means that the same adhesive pattern is always created on each product during series production. Adhesive patterns that have already been created can be called up at the push of a button. Different controls are available depending on requirements.

Reuther-Systems Accessories


The right accessories for your perfect gluing.
For all common machine manufacturers, there are numerous brackets available for mounting the gluing valves, different rotary encoders, various photocells and initiators, and much more.

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